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Purchase the 2022 Kea Report 'Talent for the taking - How to globalise your recruitment strategies'

For several years now Kea's reports have provided valuable insights and sentiment from our offshore community of 1 million Kiwi. Our latest report 'Talent for the taking' focuses on how businesses need to position their recruitment strategies to compete in today's global race for talent. This 104 page document includes in-depth analysis of the numbers of Kiwi returning to New Zealand, and the industry skills they're bringing home with them. Plus, you'll learn which regions in New Zealand they're planning to return to, giving you an edge in the recruitment process. Don't get left behind in the global race for talent. With 'Talent for the taking', you'll have the tools you need to attract the best candidates and grow your business. Order your copy today and start reaping the benefits of a well-positioned recruitment strategy.

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If you're ready to start searching for global talent today, make sure you advertise your role on Kea's job platform. With a range of advertising options to choose from, including the ability to directly engage Kea's audience via our social and newsletter channels, our job platform can help showcase your business to our highly engaged offshore and returning community. Plus see how our bespoke packages can help attract hard to find specialist talent.

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