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Reach internationally experienced Kiwi, through Kea’s job platform. A fast and efficient way to get your role in front of our global community including Kiwi who aren’t proactively looking for roles, but are considering a move home.

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Jobs Basic

Occasional job postings

NZD$149 (+GST)
Jobs Boost

Mission critical roles or those requiring specific experience

NZD$499 (+GST)
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Businesses or agencies with higher recruitment volumes

NZD$1290 (+GST)
Digital Shoulder Tap

Bespoke job offering which showcases your role to those in our community with the right skills and experience

Jobs Bespoke

Businesses that want to profile their brand or profile industry offshore

Bespoke packages are unique and we work with you to define your needs **
Instant ‘go live’ listings are for credit card payment, to request invoicing, please contact Kea†

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Digital Shoulder Tap

Digital Shoulder Tap is Kea's bespoke job offering service.

Digital Shoulder Tap is Kea’s bespoke job offering which showcases your role to those in our community with the right skills and experience. Digital Shoulder Tap takes the form of a partner branded email sent out to a specific list made up of the Kea community who have expressed interest in being contacted for job opportunities in our recent surveys or when joining Kea.

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Why Kea's job platform

Kiwi returning to New Zealand bring with them expertise and international perspective often gained in tough, competitive markets and with businesses operating at global scale. Kea has exclusive insight into those Kiwi planning to return to New Zealand, as well as their skills and experience.

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