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Global Connectivity

2023 Report

Our 2023 report Global Connectivity - 'Cost of living insights and intents from global Kiwi' seeks to showcase both the measures other countries have put in place to help navigate the current climate, and how our global Kiwi are responding to them. While there are no easy solutions, there is an opportunity for New Zealand to learn from what is happening in other markets and use the insight to help address economic and social challenges.

Global Kiwi businesses tell us they are tackling current economic challenges by focusing on retaining and supporting employees during this time, while others are investing in technology to ensure their businesses remain competitive when the economy inevitably starts to bounce back.

Rising costs of living are also impacting offshore Kiwi who may have planned to return to New Zealand in the next 12 months for business or personal reasons, with many people being forced to delay or cancel their plans to return home. This insight provides early warning to tourism operators here in New Zealand affected by a reduction in visiting friends and relatives.

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Talent for the taking

2022 Report

Our 2022 report ‘Talent for the taking - How to globalise your recruitment strategies', contains the latest insights and data gained from our offshore Kiwi community on their experiences of the global talent market and what is going to set New Zealand businesses apart. The data clearly highlights that New Zealand businesses have an ongoing opportunity to utilise our offshore and returning Kiwi to help fill talent gaps in key industries.

With a global race for talent at its peak, what we are hearing from our community is that there is an enormous opportunity for New Zealand businesses to make moves now to secure future talent. It also offers solutions on how to better position your roles to attract global Kiwi - both those planning to return and those who want to work remotely.

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"New Zealand based candidates are no longer simply choosing between New Zealand-based roles. They are involved in global recruitment processes with companies that have sophisticated candidate experience programmes in place, and with remote working at their heart. This presents both a challenge and an enormous opportunity for Kiwi companies."
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