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Shoulder Tap

Kea's confidential talent introduction service to connect businesses seeking executive level or board roles from Kea’s global network.

Connect with internationally experienced talent, fast.

Through ongoing community surveys and engagement Kea has exclusive insight into internationally experienced Kiwi who are planning to return to New Zealand. We also know which offshore Kiwi want to give back to New Zealand in particular leveraging their experience into board and advisory roles. 

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Getting started

Here's the step-by-step process you’ll work through when you engage in our Shoulder Tap service. 

  1. Read our Terms and Conditions for taking part in Shoulder Tap.
  2. Click the Enquire now button and the Kea team will follow up within three working days.
  3. We will connect with you to dig deeper into the requirements of the role and the person you’re seeking. At this time we will collect as much detailed information as you have, including position descriptions and preferred capability or background requirements.
  4. If we can help you potentially find talent to fill your role and you wish to continue working with us you will need to pay the administration fee online.
  5. Within five working days from the payment of the administration fee, Kea will provide anonymised bios for your review. These bios will be sent to the email address provided.
  6. You let us know which bios you wish to be introduced to.
  7. Kea seeks agreement from selected individuals for introduction, and as per privacy requirements makes the introductions with those who agree.

From here, it’s over to you. Should you successfully place an individual introduced by Kea, you agree to pay a placement fee. 

Are you ready to get started?

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What does the administration fee cover?

The administration fee covers:

  • reviewing the brief and role specifications provided about the requirements of the role and the skills, capability and background of the individual being sought;
  • a discussion with the business to understand the unique details of the position;
  • searching Kea’s datasets and developing anonymised bios to present for review and shortlist;
  • contacting shortlisted Kea community members to seek go-ahead for introductions and;
  • making the introductions by email.

What feedback will we seek from participants?

We want to deliver the highest quality and lowest friction Shoulder Tap experience for both the organisations seeking talent and our Kea community members. As we continue to improve our Shoulder Tap offering we may reach out and ask for your feedback based on your experience.

What happens if the individual declines to proceed?

It is up to each individual whether they want to proceed with being introduced. If they have additional questions about the role, we will still pass on those connections.

What is in the bios?

We understand you need enough information to understand whether this person’s experience could be a good fit for the role. The Kea supplied bios will include the following:

  • Years of experience and seniority in relevant sector/function
  • Relevant skill-sets
  • Examples of recent businesses worked in e.g. “ a global corporate insurance agency, with subsidiaries in over 40 countries”

What are administrative and placement fees?

An administration fee is what you pay on acceptance of the terms and conditions. This fee covers the work we do to source candidates suitable for your role. This fee is a set price of $750 NZD plus GST. It is non refundable and must be paid in full regardless of whether or not an appointment is made or the role is withdrawn or terminated for whatever reason. The placement fee is only payable if you appoint one of the candidates we supply. *This fee is $2000 NZD plus GST and must be paid once the candidate has accepted the role. Introductory pricing, prices are subject to change**

When is the placement fee due?

The Placement Fee is due as soon as the candidate has accepted your appointment offer.

What happens if the people you connect me with are people we have already considered for this role (or people who have independently applied or been put forward by recruiters)?

Privacy laws mean that Kea will have no way to be aware in advance that this is the case. We will seek to identify this as an issue during our conversations with those potential candidates shortlisted by you.